Since 2008 this award has been presented annually by CPMEC to junior doctors across Australia and New Zealand in recognition of those who have made significant contributions to improving prevocational medical education and training.

A junior doctor is a prevocational trainee, that is in PGY1 or PGY2 years; PGY3 trainees may nominate however their contributions MUST be restricted to their PGY1 and/or PGY2 years.

The recipient of this Award will be a junior doctor with satisfactory clinical performance who fulfils the principal criteria which can be demonstrated by at least one additional criteria as listed below:

Principal Criteria

Made a significant contribution to education and training as a prevocational trainee in their workplace settings (hospital, community placements, etc.)

Additional Criteria

Demonstrated evidence of contributions to prevocational education and training such as project work, publications, presentations and/or posters;

Made a significant contribution to the activities of a Postgraduate Medical Council, or any other organisation involved in the education and training of junior doctors, in their jurisdiction;

Demonstrated evidence of improving opportunities for education and training of JMOs in rural/remote locations, as per Modified Monash Model 2-7 categories.


The winner of the 2022 CPMEC Junior Doctor of the Year Award (pictured below) is: Dr Thomas Goubar, New South Wales

The jurisdiction winners for 2022 are:


Past Winners of the CPMEC Award for Junior Doctor of the Year